Advanced Masterclass




- prices are in DKR (Danish kroner)

100 DKR = 53 AED


  • Students no 1-5 (also the basic price for the Mastertrainer): 7.000 DKR pr PARTICIPANT pr day, (minimum 5 PARTICIPANTS) = 35.000 DKR

  • Extra price for students no 6 – 10: 6.000 DKR pr extra PARTICIPANT pr day

  • Extra price for students no 11 ->> (and over):  5.000 DKR pr extra participants pr day


We recommend you bill your participants fx 9500 DKR pr participants pr class, and reduce the price if they choose 2 day, fx 16.000 DKR – but it Is your choice…..


Our demands:

  • access to all nessecary equipment pr participant (clinic bed, light/lamp, chair, table). Exact list will follow, after booking.

  • You take care of all bookings (also models).

  • You take care of lunch and beverage

  • Participants bring their own digital machines. Type of demanded needles will follow.



VIP-treatments for your own clients

in your clinic

High-Fashion OMBRE brows or lips

performed by

Mastertrainer Jeanette Albertsen:

  • 5.000 DKR pr client pr treatment (minimum 4 clients to lips or brows) = 20.000 DKR


We recommend you bill your clients fx 6.000 DKR pr treatment – but the choice is yours….

Our demands:

  • Access to all nessecary equipment for mastertrainer (clinic bed, light/lamp, chair, table).

  • You take care of all bookings

  • You take care of lunch and beverage


We can arrange later touch-up treatments (in 6-8 weeks after 1. Treatment), on request.

Please contact us for prices.


Vores klinikker tilbyder alt i Permanent Makeup, Uddannelser/Kurser i Permanent Makeup i vores uddannelsescenter, Ansigtsbehandlinger,  HIFU- behandlinger, Mesoterapi, Skinbooster- og Needling-behandlinger, Hårfjerning/epilering,  Farve/ret af bryn/vipper, og alle typer af voksbehandlinger - og vi har kræset om produktvalget og benytter blandt andet ALDERMA  i vores behandlinger.

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